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12 Quick Ways to Rid Yourself of Stress


It’s National Stress Awareness week so I thought I would share a blog post on some of the things that have helped me over the years.


You’re stressed. A 10-day tropical vacation might be just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, you’re out of vacation time, and your bank account is a little light. Luckily, you can de-stress yourself quickly and effectively. You won’t need a passport or a healthy bank account.


Stress isn’t only damaging to your mental state. It can harm your health, too. Avoid driving yourself through your discomfort. Address it directly Learning to soothe your stress, effectively and by yourself, is an important skill. It’s a skill that can be applied throughout life.


Let go of your stress and enjoy life more fully:


  1. Drink black or Oolong tea. Black or Oolong tea has been shown to lower cortisol levels and increase feelings of relaxation.

  2. Get religious or Spiritual. Those that attend religious services regularly or have a Spiritual practice, often report doing so for the stress relief it provides. A study with college students showed that students who attend church had lower levels of stress.

  3. Exercise, Yoga or Pilates. Use up that extra energy and enjoy the post-exercise, yoga, pilates endorphin rush.

  4. Distract yourself for a few minutes. It might not solve your troubles, but surfing the internet or calling a friend for a few minutes can provide a little relief. Keep track of the time so you don’t get behind schedule.

  5. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing can temporarily lower blood pressure and increase your sense of well-being.

  6. Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, it’s easy to allow your imagination to wander to a happy place. Give yourself a needed break by imagining yourself at the beach or in another peaceful setting.

  7. Relax your muscles one at a time. Take a moment to flex and relax each muscle individually. Start at one end of your body and move to the other.

  8. Take a walk. A walk takes you out of your stressful environment. You can clear your head and get a little exercise at the same time. Make a nature or nightly walk part of your routine. A walk during your lunch hour can be helpful, too.

  9. Unplug. Leave the TV off. Put your phone on silent and stick it in the drawer. Keep your laptop closed. Spend an evening without any electronic devices. Consider an evening spent with a good book and a glass of wine. A fire or relaxing bath wouldn’t be a bad idea, just not both at the same time!

  10. Get some extra sleep. Limit your caffeine late in the afternoon and head to bed an hour early. Ensure that you won’t be disturbed. Turn your alarm clock around so you can’t see the time. A mid-day nap can also be a great way to reduce stress. If you’re fortunate enough to have the option of sleeping for 30 minutes in the middle of the day, consider yourself lucky.

  11. Chew gum. Studies have shown that chewing gum reduces the levels of chemicals associated with stress. It might reduce your appetite, too. Blowing bubbles is optional, but can add to the enjoyment.

  12. Engage in positive self-talk. You stress yourself with your thoughts and the words you say to yourself. Choose uplifting words and you’ll feel better. How would you reassure a child that’s stressed? Talk to yourself in the same manner. 


Stress is a part of life. It can’t be avoided, but how much you suffer is under your control. Add a few stress-busting tips to your psychological tool belt. Use them whenever you start to feel stressed. The best time to address stress is in the early stages. The quick application of an effective technique can increase your happiness and productivity.


If you are struggling with too much stress in your life, Hypnotherapy can really help you find freedom from it. Feel free to book a Hypnotherapy appointment here.


Also have a read through the following positive statements and ask yourself the self-reflection questions at the end.


Relaxation techniques allow me to beat stress.


The challenges in my personal and professional life are tough, but far from unbeatable. I use relaxation techniques to stay composed in the midst of stressful times.


My days begin with a session of quiet meditation or Qi Gong movement. Listening to my breath connects me to the power that is within me. I feel brave and capable when I acknowledge the chance at life that I am blessed with having.


Throughout each day I take a few moments to assess my mood and demeanor. Whenever I sense that I am becoming restless and irritated, I take a break from work, have a herbal tea and take time to simply enjoy drinking it.


Being present in each moment allows me to keep my attitude in check. Having command of how I respond to things is a key element in steering clear of stress. 


Spending quality time with my friends eases the burden of difficult times. It helps to take my mind off the things that attempt to dampen my mood. When I think about the joy that my friends brings, I am instantly reenergized. My loved ones are my support system. They keep me grounded and smart when I am challenged.


Today, I realize that I am only as stressed out as I allow myself to be. I am committed to using relaxation techniques on a daily basis. Making time for reflection and balance helps to develop coping mechanisms for unfavorable situations.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How do I relax so I am able to effectively combat stress?
  2. What can I do to lessen the stressful situations in my life?
  3. How much of an impact does my spiritual life have on my ability to cope?