​Mindfulness For Life 6-Week Course

​Learn how to practice Mindfulness in Glasgow with our 6-Week course for adults. Starts Fri April 26th 2019 at the
"In The Moment Centre, Berkeley Street. ​​Over the course of 6 sessions, including a one-day retreat, you will learn how to:

  • Live more deeply in the present moment
  • Nourish happiness through being present
  • Embrace and transform difficult emotions
  • Freedom from stress & anxiety






If you are struggling with Anxiety, Stress ​or Panic Attacks​ or if you are looking to quit smoking, ​be free from other unwanted habits, improve your self-confidence ​or be free from fears and phobias, then Hypnotherapy can help in as little as 1-2 sessions. BOOK a​ 1-Hour appointment ​above or click here to learn more.

Lifestyle Coaching

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

​As a qualified Health & Lifestyle Coach, I ​help you ​achieve your ideal ​weight, ​be free from chronic fatigue, find more freedom and energy in your life ​and establish better nutrition ​and exercise ​habits. We ​work together to ​help you achieve your ​goals. BOOK a FREE ​consultation ​above or click here to learn more.


Mindfulness Sessions

​If your staff at your company ​are feeling stressed, overworked or overwhelmed then ​the 1-hour ​"Introduction to Mindfulness" session can really help ​introduce them to tools and techniques to find more calm in both their work ​& personal life​. BOOK a 1-Hour session ​above or click here to learn more.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

​Through our life we can experience a ​​loss of energy due to trauma, ​death of a loved one, accidents or illness. This can manifest as fatigue, depression​ and other emotional challenges. ​Shamanic Healing​ returns your lost power. BOOK a 90-Minute session ​above or click here to learn more.

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