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1 or 2 Sessions

  • Most issues can be resolved in 1 session but for smoking, or longer-term issues, it may take 2. All sessions are online via Google Meet.
  • I work with your subconscious where most patterns of belief and habits are stored. You will be safe and fully in control. More info on the Hypnotherapy page.
  • Any questions? You can either drop me a message via the Contact page or simply book an appointment and get started straight away today.

Lifestyle Coaching

6 Sessions

  • All sessions online via Google Meet either weekly or fortnightly on a day and time that suits you.
  • Each Session focuses on different elements of your Life and will include a full Health Questionnaire, Food, Sleep and Exercise diary. Full details on the Coaching page.
  • Any questions? You can either drop me a message via the Contact page or simply book your sessions and get started straight away today.

The Journey

One Step at A Time

We cannot change habits of a lifetime straight away. Hypnotherapy can have a msssive impact in as little as 1 or 2 sessions but for more in-depth challenges, the 6-week Lifestyle Transformation Coaching package is ideal as it allows us to work through various issues at a pace that suits you and in less than a few months you will notice a massive difference. If we focus on the journey one step at a time, the destination takes care of itself and you, and your friends and loved ones, will notice a huge difference in you.

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Mindfulness techniques that worked for me. It took me a while to recover from a number of mental and physical health challenges but we can fasttrack that in either a few Hypnotherapy sessions, or the longer term 6-session Coaching package.


Hypnotherapy or Coaching?

If you have one specific outcome, quit smoking, relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia or weight issues then Hypnotherapy helps in 90% of cases. However, if there are numerous issues you wish to resolve, the coaching package will have the most impact on your life over time and also incorporates Hypnotherapy sessions alongside in-depth analysis of all aspects of your life and health.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

I very rarely have repeat clients after 1-2 sessions of Hypnotherapy, those that do come back again are usually for something different, in which case a Coaching Package would have been more suitable. Most other Hypnotherapy clients have seen radical transformations in their life, and healed from bad habits, addictions and issues surrounding stress and anxiety and notice incredible improvements in their overall wellbeing.

What does Coaching provide that Hypnotherapy doesn't?

Coaching allows more time in between sessions for the Hypnotherapy and Coaching to be most effective for lasting change. Coaching looks at every aspect of your life from your mental wellbeing, physical health, nutrition, happiness, physical movement and any other specific health or life challenges you may be facing. 

What else is included?

For Hypnotherapy I provide clients with an MP3 recording and email and phone support in between sessions. Coaching clients also receive this but also a more in-depth health questionnaire and analysis of all areas of their life, food/sleep and exercise diaries to help see if there are any possible impacts your diet, sleep or exercise patterns are having on your life, along with worksheets.

Why choose you?

In my 20’s and 30’s I struggled with weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions to alcohol, smoking and other substances. So I can understand what you are going through on a personal level and all my training and qualifications have served to be free from all of these bad habits of body and the mind. I also am a good listener, can empathise and am passionate about helping others be free from the same struggles that plagued me earlier in life. I also believe I offer a value for money and thorough service.


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