Reducing Stress and Anxiety – Environment (Part 5)



Tonight I attended our monthly Live Your Legend meetup group in Glasgow and I wanted to write about the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded, inspiring, interesting, supportive and encouraging people. My environment was once, not so great shall we say – when you find your dream, your goal in life and you head towards that dream – the last thing you need is to surround yourself with those who ‘do not get it' or drain your energy. Often, you just need to change your environment and not engage with the ‘energy vampires' that may be in your life.

Live Your Legend has been paramount in my success last year of achieving goals that are taking me closer towards my dream. The work and writings of the late Scott Dinsmore, his inspirational and brave wife Chelsea Dinsmore, regular writers Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie etc – all the writers at LYL do an absolutely amazing job with the content they share. However, it's more than just a website and some blogs – it's all the people behind the scenes and all the participants around the world who have monthly meetups in over 200 cities who are helping each other find more passion in their lives, their careers and supporting and advising each other along the way. To see what they create and achieve in the LYL Facebook groups is incredibly inspiring.

Now, the topic this evening at our Glasgow meetup was a Goal Setting Workshop. We had an excellent resource provided to us by Chelsea Dinsmore and I also shared my own approach for goal setting and I appreciate everyone for allowing me the space to do that. All during the meeting people chipped in with all kinds of decent ideas, suggestions, resources and we went round the table and shared a ‘win' or success from 2016 and a ‘goal' for 2017. It was so amazing to hear everyone share all their achievements throughout last year and all their plans and goals for the year ahead.


It really helps reduce stress and anxiety by being around people that lift you up and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. As well as this, if anyone ever has any particular challenges or struggles – they also get feedback, ideas, suggestions and encouragement from other members of the group. I really am honoured that the members of the local Live Your Legend group allow me the space and time to share my ideas and suggestions for goal planning and for their continued presence, not just at the monthly meetup but also many of whom have become very close friends that I care for very much.

By being around continually uplifting and encouraging people in your life, it lifts your spirits…even just to know that you have someone there that you can count on, even just for a chat on Facebook, or for a tea and a chat, or a lunch or even just a phone call. It's amazing but we all lift each other up and highlights the need to be very mindful of the environment and the people you keep company with. So many people can get stuck in a rut in life, or complain about what they don't have – avoid those people at all costs and focus on the really joyful and encouraging people, find them, seek them out and spend more time in their company. Go to meetups, go to yoga classes or courses that you really enjoy, find a common interest, go to speaking events like Toastmaster, get outside your comfort zone and you will find your stress and anxiety melts away as you realise, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you – you are fine just exactly as you are.