Introduction To Mindfulness

Our 2-Hour “Introduction to Mindfulness” Workshop is ideal for large organisations, universities, schools, yoga studios, charities, festivals, small companies, or anyone who is looking to introduce their employees, clients, students, pupils or friends to the wonderful benefits of Mindfulness. Cost is just £150 and the workshop covers the following topics -:

Introduction To Mindfulness
Relaxing The Body

Calming The Mind
Soothing Your Emotions
Key Resources

Benefits of Mindfulness

There are many benefits with the practice of Mindfulness for both organisations and individuals. There is an epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression in many workplaces, education establishments and with many individuals in their own personal lives.

There is growing scientific research showing the benefits of Mindfulness practices to enhance resilience and focus, help to reduce stressincrease energy, and protect against heart disease, helping with major depression, assisting with weight loss, to name but a few reported benefits.

Booking a Mindfulness Workshop

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