Living In The Present Moment Brings Us Joy

​Today's ​post, comes just in time to keep the 31-day writing streak ​going. Not knowing what I was going to write, reminded me to simply ​blog about NOW - this present moment.

Whenever you get a chance to spend time with someone who enjoys ​living in the present moment, snap it up. There can be a habitual pattern of looking back with regret or ​thinking ​ahead to the future, planning, scheduling and ​asking the question, "What Next?". Of course, some element of planning helps us to achieve our goals in life, ​and to live a life of purpose.

However, how about we just enjoy, and really pay attention to, each precious moment to moment - whether we label it 'good' or 'bad' is not really important, in fact dropping the labels altogether is very freeing. It's simply a matter of allowing, and being present to whatever the experience is, without judgement, criticism or trying to change the experience in any way.

Also, recognising the impermenance of everything helps us to appreciate what exists, what we feel, in that moment - the leaves fall, some trees are cut down, the rain can stop, the sun can ​break through the clouds ending the grey dullness. Some of these things ​will return, if we are blessed to be here when they do, again highlighting the impermenance of life. For some day we won't wake up to a sunrise, or the magical connection of nature - knowing this helps us to appreciate the present moment as the only true ​place we can ever exist.

Love is also impermenant, we can feel love for someone - that can change over time and then we can experience a new love, or even a love for ourselves, where we can become content with our own company, until that magical, new, wondrous person can enter our lives. When that wondrous being does come along, appreciate them in that moment, because we don't know how long any of us will ​be here - so embrace the joy, feel the beauty and experience the bliss of each present moment.

The last 24 hours I have had the fantastic opportunity to spend with an incredibly present and beautiful soul - ​and I even began to find myself looking forward to our next encounter, a shared kiss, a warm embrace, an inspiring conversation - each time I was reminded to come back to the present, to the now - it also helped I was surrounded by a few Eckhart Tolle books 🙂

When we anchor ourselves with the breath, or the body, and simply be present to our current experience, we feel alive - we recognise the ​majesty in the smallest of details, the beauty of a ​delicate touch of a soft and smooth arm, really listening to some kind words whispered, with grace, in our ear. Really allowing ourselves to experience the richness of ​these moments, to allow them to settle in and become absorbed within our entire being.

When we caress someones hair gently, we are experiencing the majesty of creation, of the universe, when we look into that person's eyes we can experience the emotion they are also feeling in that moment, the passion, the warmth, the love and allow ourselves to feel alive - in that moment.

When we walk, we can really pay attention to our body, the physical sensations, but also how we can become one with the flowing river, we can float with the breeze, become the trees and ​the leafs moving gently and feeling grounded to the earth beneath our feet.

All of these present moment experiences can bring us joy, compassion, love, comfort and peace - not just for ourselves, but for those we are fortunate to be walking with.