La Luna Waxing Gibbous

​Tonight at our Creative Mindfulness workshop, we took time to meditate and then write a brief writing piece of what was in our mind, raw and unedited. The moon was approaching it's fullness so I started writing about it and then it took on a new twist, to a certain La Luna who has entered my life at just the right time and filled me with joy. 

The moon is alive within my heart, filling my being with it's whispery glow.
The emotions run wild through my soul, piercing through the night.
Raindrops of feelings fall into my head, her velvety touch caressing my head.
I rise up, sing and laugh until my entire being shakes.

The anticipation of the fullness of her enveloping me
The soft clouds touching her gently as she fades from view
The memory of her alive within me fills me with grace.

I breathe in the mist of her, the dampness catches in my throat.
It's hard to breathe, I reach for the precious air and she arrives again, filling my lungs
Anticipation met.

I watch her fall mesmerisingly into view, alive, enriched and cradled by the night
Christmas lights catch my eye, dancing in the windows, filled with condensation.
Silvery droplets of rain adorn their frame, like tears passed down through the night.
Mesmerised by her beauty, I reach out to touch her, out of reach but the energy of her still alive within my fingertips. 

Her soft, white skin stretched out across the orb, longing to be touched.
Stars surround her and I find myself once again captured by the awe of her in this present moment, in all the moments gone before.

The fullness of her not yet imagined, the crescendo of bliss yet to realise it's full potential. 
The hint and promise of perfection a gift to my future self.
Here, I wait, with love, with tenderness for the emergence of this perfect gift from the universe.