What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is not what you see on TV or in the movies. It's a very gentle approach to simply help you relax, we first of all with have a talk beforehand for 30 minutes, so I can get to know you and what you may be struggling with. Then I read out a relaxation script and perform the therapeutic hypnosis while you are relaxing to really help cement in your mind the changes you want to make. I basically talk with your subconscious, which often controls your negative feelings and habits, and help re-train it so you can feel more freedom in your life and make better choices. This is a very relaxing process, all you need to do is talk and then relax into the session and the results can be amazing.

I trained thoroughly with the National Hypnotherapy Society for a year, am also an Anxiety UK approved therapist and can help you with whatever you may be struggling with in your life. In particular I specialise in stress management, anxiety control, self-confidence or low self-esteem, poor eating patters or habits, fears and phobias.. My rates are very reasonable at £50 for a full 60-minutes plus a personalised self-hypnosis MP3 provided after the session. Most people only really require a few sessions to see the full benefit from Hypnotherapy with perhaps a few weeks break in between.

Recent Testimonials

LW - Dave has literally changed my life with one session of hypnotherapy! I’d suffered from years of SED (Selective Eating Disorder) and with one session I left completely ‘cured’. I no longer suffer from any of the anxiety I once had surrounding eating. He made me feel at ease from the moment I met him and offered an amazing amount of support and genuine care after my session. I would recommend Dave to anyone struggling with anxiety or phobias - no matter how complex or individual you feel your personal case might be!

JC – ​Dave's hypnotherapy has helped me immensely through job interviews and other challenging situations. It is incredible how effective it is! I've also had the pleasure of taking part in many of Dave's meditations and always feel blissed out during and after. Brilliant!

SD - I met Dave McAuley at a free workshop he was running to help people realise their passion and reach their goals. He was friendly, approachable and seemed to coach others and recognise their needs very easily. I later reached out to him for hypnotherapy prior to an interview to reduce my nerves which I was surprised worked with such short time until my interview. I have since attended one of his mindfulness courses which helped me develop a healthy habit of practicing mindfulness daily. Such a calm and genuinely caring person and very knowledgable!

HC – Dave made me feel at ease straight away, especially considering this was a topic I hadn't fully talked about with anyone. He was very understanding and never made me feel that what I was describing was weird or ‘not normal' (I am aware my case was a fairly random one!) I was slightly nervous about how the hypnotherapy would work but Dave described it all in great detail and made sure I was fully comfortable before starting. I walked away from the session with an overwhelming sense of relief, Dave made my huge life problem feel so manageable and allowed me to see it as a past problem rather than a present one. I also really admired the way he was so open about his own experiences with anxiety and hypnotherapy, it created a very relaxed atmosphere and it was refreshing to talk to someone who was so confidently open about having struggled in the past.

BW - I visited Dave McAuley regarding balance and walking problems. He gave excellent advice which have greatly helped my condition, and my consultation was followed up by detailed e mail. I also recommended him to my daughter and in one session he completely cured her problem. I would certainly recommend his services.

FW – The amount of follow up information that Dave provides shows his true driving passion for this service! He is not simply offering help to make money or get business, he invests a lot of time and energy in making sure you feel fully supported and he ensures you have such a wide variety of options available so that after treatment you can learn to help yourself too! Dave provided me with nutrition information, mindfulness exercises and showed me how I can take control of my own eating again! I would recommend Dave to anyone who is struggling in life, no matter how big or small the problem, he can help you fix it!

KW – Fantastic. Dave is so incredibly warm and approachable which are invaluable traits in a therapist. I felt so at ease speaking with him and felt I could really open up which is important and not always easy to do. I have had hypnotherapy before Dave's session but none have made me feel so relaxed and at ease.