Freedom From Discomfort

​I am a great believer in being comfortable with discomfort and breaking through comfort zones - far too often in life we hold ourselves back from a possibility, a potential as yet unrealised because fear or discomfort is holding us back. 

This year, as I start to reflect on 2018, I realise how much discomfort I have experienced and how much I have grown from it, how much knowledge I have learned, how many amazing sensations and adventures I have had.

It was not easy making the decision to give up a 25-year career in technology for a more spiritual path, to help others experience their bliss, to be free from anxiety, worry and blocks. In order to truly be able to do that, I had to do it myself first, walk the walk, talk the talk etc.

​It was also not easy solo travelling, or indeed travelling and staying with a big group of 'strangers' in Bali - however, I reframed that fear into excitement and all the amazing thrills along the way. I also imagined all the fantastic new friends I would make and relationships I would develop along the way. It was also an enlightening experience to explore spirituality from many different angles, whether walking in a park in Chiang Mai, a cliffside Temple in Ullawatoo, working outside in an Organic Farm in Italy, putting down floorboards, building outhouses and climbing mountains in 30 degree heat.

We grow, expand and find ourselves in those testing and challenging moments when we leave ourselves open to unexplored bliss. To get comfortable with discomfort.

However, as I walk today on my "lazy day" and "forgive" myself for missing 2 days in a row with my blogging challenge - a sacrifice for love, always letting go of attachments to outcomes, I realise that also, as my old boots are hurting, we must realise when there is a constant discomfort, from which we are not growing, we are not learning, we are not moving forward or facing new experiences, we are only feeling pain. As these thick socks press against these old boots, I am reminded of the time I lost 5 toe-nails with them, while hiking the Great Wall Of China and then Ben Nevis just 3 weeks later. It's time for the discomfort experienced with these boots to be transformed, by welcoming in a new, comfortable, well-fitting pair.

It's much like any situation in life that is causing us continual pain and discomfort, whether it be a relationship, a job, a place we live, the people we are surrounded by or simply a discomfort within us, a perpetual habit - poor eating habits, smoking, drinking, taking drugs, addictions of self-defeatist behaviour, negative self-talk. We need to transform that by changing the boots, trying on a new pair, a new way of thinking - letting go and creating space to welcome in something new that can be transformative, exciting, invigorating and freeing.

Where in your life can you change your boots?