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First 3 days nearly done and dusted and I have to say I feel great, albeit quite hungry! My senses feel heightened, at times I do feel a bit ‘spacey' and light-headed, especially after a long walk or exercise but it usually passes, especially if I consume a lot of water. I'm sticking to between 2.5 – 3 litres water a day which is not a problem for me as I consume that in a day anyway. Today I had the first of my free foods, but it was only a stick of celery, some spinach and two tomatoes so I have been ultra-strict. I don't recommend everyone does it like this, be sensible and eat the free foods if you feel peckish but I wanted to initially test myself over the 3 days. The video below covers how I have felt and some other info you may find useful, so you know what to expect if you decide to embark on the Forever C9 Cleanse, you can pick up a pack here.

The 4 Key Measurements from Day 1 > Day 3 are as follows -:

Weight = 80.7 KG > 78.5 KG (Drop of  2.2 KG)
Body Fat = 25.1% > 21.8% (Drop of 3.3%)
BMI = 26.3 > 25.6 (Drop of 0.7)
Resting Heart Rate = 62 > 58 (Drop of 4)

1yearheartrateSo am really happy with that so far but the progress now will be more gradual as I start eating 600 Calorie meals in the evening and start having a few more ‘free foods'. The resting heart-rate drop is particularly interesting, I definitely feel a lot calmer than I have for a while. My HR did creep up a bit when I had flu a few weeks back but you can see that over the last year with improvements in diet, exercise and meditation, that my resting heart-rate has dropped during that time from 69 down to 58 and has been as low as 54. My goal is to get it as close to 50 as possible over the next 40 days.

One more thing before I cook myself a much deserved meal this evening – I have organised a team to do a GoSober this October in aid of MacMillan Cancer and I would LOVE if as many people could join me as possible, or at least contribute a few pounds, dollars or whatever your currency may be. You can signup and join the “Legends” team by clicking on the image below.



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