The Forest Breathes With Life





The forest is alive and when she speaks, we need to listen to her whispers. Her branches and leaves call us to her soft embrace, and we can welcome her love and find comfort in her arms. 

The wind blows and we feel her breath on our face, when she talks to us we can listen to her wisdom and trust in her guidance. When she kisses our cheek we can feel the coolness of her love, allowing us to soften.

When we feel the earth under our feet we can listen to her tender touch and allow her softness to bring us to a state of grace, a connection with the plane​t and all life on it

When the sun ​shines brightly in the sky, we can feel ​her energy pulsating through us, breathing fire life into our hearts and soul, giving us strength to trust in the universe and live in a state of flow.

This is the life the forest has to offer us.