Creative Mindfulness Week 1 – Burning Star

My writing for the evening...first draft, raw and unplugged. To the 3 bright stars in my life that have made me feel so much love this year - you know who you are 😉

Burning Stars

Searching, hoping, for a sign, a burning star. Anticipation of a wondrous dream birthed into reality – I await with hope, so much hope this year. Droplets of fingers onto zebra-like piano keys, each note pulling on my open and receptive heart. Expand, contract, breathless – joy meeting a sweet tinge of pain.

The unraveling of her beauty with each passing, precious moment – a privilege to witness this quiet, sensitive, beautiful and powerful soul, it becomes almost too much to bear. I breathe, a deep, precious breath. The exhale tangle in the weeds of unmet expectations, before release, into the world, a letting go and simple appreciation of this precious gift to my life, a blessing to the world.

A sweet voice, a song, hairs standing on the back of my neck – eyes alive with the brightness and radiance of this delicate songbird. The question lingers in the air, “Can we move from friendship to love?” – I answer I await with an unmet kiss, a missed touch, an unheard whisper, “I love you”.

Her hair flows like a soft waterfall, her movement, a dance of exhilarating and blinding light from this wondrous soul – the melancholic addiction continues, my last remaining vice to conquer, the toughest of all to bear, the ultimate yin/yang of my broken and mended heart. How do I bid farewell again to a wondrous dream? A question raised so many times on this roller-coaster but majestic year.

Freedom was my wish, freedom from entrapment, an icy vice, a cold embrace, an empty bed. Then to have 3 suns shine so brightly into my darkness over the last year, burning my often tear-stained face. The self-doubt visits, too old, too sensitive, no returned attraction, too much of a GOOD friend. I kick those doubts into space – old story, being re-written within the same chapter.

It doesn’t really matter – I am lucky, so blessed to have had 3 bright, shining stars enter my life over the last year, when I needed to look into the stars and dream again, to feel again, to love again – each of them a magnificent spark of hope in this, once lost being, soul returned, freedom found, courage ready to turn and burn into power.

The next burning star will hopefully have more courage than this fearful heart, that we may burn together, with our combined dreams, to inspire and bring joy to the world and each other, to dance in the embers of passion, adventure and love before rising together into the moonlight, to dream, in alignment with the universe. Hope breathing into life.