How To Create More Space For Creativity In Your Life

I awoke this morning to an amazing, mesmerising film called “Ama” from an underwater cinematographer, dancer and freediver Julie Gautier, filmed in the world’s deepest pool. She is an incredibly inspiring example, immersing yourself in your passions, literally. Her mother was a dancer and her father was a submarine hunter, so it was not a surprise that she combined the two and forged her own creative path.

The ​video ​below tells you a little bit more about her and her creative mind, process and is also simply breathtaking to watch. It's incredibly inspiring and shows you the benefits of being 100% present in the moment.

It got me thinking about the amount of training, discipline and practice that Julie must have had throughout her life, to produce such a magnificent piece of art and the commitment involved.

So, my questions to you would be, what gifts and talents do you possess that you are denying yourself and the world? How can you let that crazy child just play and create?

I also wonder what you could give up in your life that doesn’t serve those talents, so you could commit more time to your creative pursuits?

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, Netflix. WhatsApp and such like, we are often faced with so many distractions that it can quickly lead to an addiction. I recognise the feelings of these addictions myself when faced with boredom or frustration, I can see how many would choose to tune in and literally drop out, of life and eventually get further away from their creativity.

However, what if, instead of all those hours of binge-watching and flaking out on the sofa or bed, you put that effort into a disciplined pursuit of your own creativity and excellence. When we practice mindfulness with a view to creative writing we learn to pay attention, to look closer, to feel deeper and to simply notice the details which can provide fire and fuel to our writing. This can be the same for any creative pursuits, art, drawing, singing, dancing, poetry etc etc.

How much could you achieve and share with the world? We all have talents, some unearthed, that we can explore, and this writing challenge this month is an excellent example of that. To commit to the pursuit of excellence, creativity and to prioritise and schedule the actual time to do it.

Scheduling is essential, especially when you are self-employed and must rely on a calendar for client bookings. It’s so important to block out time slots in your days for your passions, exercise, creativity and rest. Rest is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves, whether it’s sleep or naps or simply being in nature.

I had a reminder of this last week on the “Spark of Creation” workshop at Lendrick Lodge when I was reminded about the importance of having a “Circle Day”, where we draw a circle around ourselves, away from others and a time to simply be with yourself. This concept was introduced to me a few years ago now on my 1-Year Mindfulness course, called “Lazy Day”.

To quote Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, “A Lazy Day is a day for us to be truly with the day without any schedule activities. We just let the day unfold naturally, timelessly. It is a day in which we can practice as we like. We may do walking meditation on our own or with a friend or do sitting meditation in the forest. We might like to read lightly or write home to our family or to a friend.”

You can read more about this here -:

A few years ago, when working full-time, I decided to switch to a 4-day week, sacrificing that working Monday for a day of absolute freedom. Sometimes, I would just rest in bed for an extra hour, meditate, practice Qi Gong, go for a long walk through the park, take some pictures with my camera, go for a massage or simply just read. The idea is to allow space, to create an entire day that is sacred, to not arrange to meet anyone, to have no plans, to protect your energy and to allow the day to unfold. Ideally this should be a day outside of the weekend, and although I understand that not everyone can take a day off each week, anything is always possible.

It’s not about what you can bring more of into your life, it’s about what you can let go of to create that space. If not, then try to take one day of your weekend when you are not busy DOING and practice simply BEING. We can get so caught up in planning and filling up our weekends with activities but what if you chose one day, or at least one morning, where you had no plans – you took yourself away, you were creative, explored and just took more time to rest.

I am carving out time each morning to simply just write and watch or read about other creative artists, to get inspired. I’m also taking time each day for simple movement practices like Qi Gong or walking, taking time to be present in nature, to take photos and to meditate or journey for inspiration. We are mostly creative in the mornings; however, I can also get a lot of creative ideas late in the evening. Find your time, your space – stop the addictions and the modern pursuit of being ‘busy’ for the sake of being creative.

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