Insomnia – Causes and Cures

Well I didn't expect my writing challenge to start today at 4am but I've been suffering from insomnia last few nights and so I wanted to get this out there while I was at least still awake in zombie-like

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500 Words a Day Challenge

Seriously, though…how hard can it be to write 500 words a day over 31 days? Well, I guess it's pretty hard and I think I'm about to find out as I've just signed up for Jeff Goins “My 500 Words”

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Embrace the Good Habits

Well, it's coming up to that time of year when some people may be thinking about those New Year resolutions like… I will stop smoking I will eat healthier I will drink less alcohol I will exercise

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Metabolic Typing or Loada Metabollox?

I've been reading an fascinating book for the last few weeks called “The Metabolic Typing Diet“. It's an interesting concept that there is not any one diet that suits everyone, it all depends

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30 Day Yoga & Gratitude Challenge

I was thinking yesterday about my next experiment and then, as if by magic, a FREE 30-day yoga & gratitude challenge appeared on my timeline from Yoga International. I've done some of their free classes

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GoSober October Review

First post on my new personal blog is a review of my GoSober challenge for MacMillan Cancer Research where I remained alcohol free for the entire month of October. It was actually closer to 6 weeks due

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