500 Words a Day Challenge

Seriously, though…how hard can it be to write 500 words a day over 31 days?

Well, I guess it's pretty hard and I think I'm about to find out as I've just signed up for Jeff Goins “My 500 Words” challenge. I like Jeff's work and attitude and there is a Facebook accountability group to keep me ‘honest'.

OMG – I just realised that it is going to be at least 15,500 words! Does OMG count as a word? What about emoticons? 😀

I'm doing this because -:

  • I want to get into a regular writing/blogging habit
  • I like experiments
  • It helps me get to 20 daily items to track on Coach.me…yes 20!

I wanted to load up all my daily habits/tasks to just see how Productive I could become before my head blows up and figure the habits I stick with will be those I actually enjoy doing. Some are easier than others like practicing daily yoga but they range from giving up alcohol as part of the Dryathlon to starting to learning Spanish via Dualingo.

Coach.me is an excellent resource for tracking any kind of habit, task or anything really. You can basically create any ‘habit' that you want to track or select from the 1000's of tasks and challenges on there, get reminders, check them off in a “To-Do” list style and even get personalised, expert coaching. Some of them come with video instruction, audio and it's my new procrastination killer.

Getting back to the “My 500 Words” challenge – it does not necessarily mean I am going to write a blog post on here every day. It can mean that I “free write” or write on FormBet or in my private forum, hypnotherapy essays, journal or perhaps the novel I have in my head that I need to get down onto the laptop. The important thing I feel here is to develop the habit of writing itself on a consistent basis.

WeekendNovelistThis idea all started because I was tidying up my ever-expanding book collection when I found a copy of a book called The Weekend Novelist: A Dynamic 52-week Programme to Help You Produce a Finished Novel ………One Weekend at a Time that I had purchased over 5 years ago and got about halfway through. The bookmark was still in there along with some notes but I decided it was time to re-awaken that idea and see what I can produce. I took an online writing course called Blaze via Strathclyde University last autumn and really enjoyed it.

OnWritingI will also be reading through Stephen King's book On Writing which I bought in June last year and ironically, remains unread.

Finding topics could be tricky but thanks to Janice on Facebook (you know who you are!) she has given me a great idea of making notes through the day of topics or thoughts that come to mind then putting them together into a more structured piece of writing and just to let it flow which is great advice. I will also read the above two books as I go along and start writing after I get through a chapter to document the process.

I appreciate any kind of feedback, I know my punctuation and spelling will occasionally be wrong…how many c's and s's in occasionally again? However, it's important just to get something out there and hone the craft I think.

Woo-Hoo 559 words!..no 561…oh wait… 😆

High Five!

High Five!