30 Day Yoga & Gratitude Challenge

I was thinking yesterday about my next experiment and then, as if by magic, a FREE 30-day yoga & gratitude challenge appeared on my timeline from Yoga International. I've done some of their free classes before and it was almost a sign as I had received a Gratitude notebook in the post on Saturday and had been reading up on this practice last week.


Repeat…eternal gratitude for Lili Simmons

The idea is to basically focus on positive elements in your life each day and journal the things you are grateful for and it should help eliminate negative and blocking emotions. As well as this it's also helpful to have gratitude for the things that you WANT to come into your life as this can apparently help attract them with positive energy. Obviously I don't think this works for being grateful for your “future self” dating Lili Simmons or anything like that, but you never know 🙂

secretSo, according to my gratitude journal I have to start the day by saying “Thank You” 20 times each day, from the heart, instead of uttering “F**K This!” to whatever might be ailing me that particular morning. Then write a list of things I am grateful for right NOW. I am guessing it can be anything from being alive to…bananas. Then you switch to the other side “Gratitude INTENTIONS”, writing as if you have these things in your life now and they should magically appear…some day…by the power of the Universe or Greyskull…powerful stuff huh?

I am actually going to be using the journal two-fold as it will also contain my other ‘experiment' for the next 30 days or so which will be a Productivity Journal. I'm a huge fan of the fizzleshow.co Podcast and am a rookie Fizzler myself. Recently I listed to some advice from a few guys about increasing Productivity which I am keen to do in many areas of my life both personal and in business/work. You can listen to the Podcast episode below focusing on Productivity journalling featuring Mike Vardy from productivist.com and Shawn Blanc from Shawnblanc.net, so we shall see if either of these 30-day gratitude or productivity challenges produce the goods.

So the main 3 objectives for the next 30 days are -:

  1. Gratitude Journal every morning
    1. Gratitude Now
    2. Gratitude Intentions
  2. Yoga International 30-Day Yoga Challenge (45-60 mins)
  3. Productivity Journalling evening for next day
    1. Things I achieved today
    2. Things to focus on tomorrow

When it comes to a productivity journal I think it’s important to include all aspects of your life because productivity isn’t just about work or about doing a bunch of stuff. It’s about acknowledging whether you have done the right stuff for that day. Whether it’s personal or professional. – Mike Vardy