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FREE 30-Minute Hypnotherapy Consultation

Some of you may know that I am training to become a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and am currently a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. The year-long course comes to an end in May 2016, just

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Top 6 Tips to Kick the January Blues

At some point in January there may be a feeling of low mood as the celebrations and partying at Christmas and New Year start to fade. The reality of being back at work combined with often cold, wet, windy

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Yoga and Pilates Overload!

Tonight I had my first real taste of Ashtanga Yoga MySore style at Merchant City Yoga in the heart of Glasgow, 10 minutes from my work, designed to be an assisted self-practice with guidance from a wonderfully

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Insomnia – Causes and Cures

Well I didn't expect my writing challenge to start today at 4am but I've been suffering from insomnia last few nights and so I wanted to get this out there while I was at least still awake in zombie-like

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500 Words a Day Challenge

Seriously, though…how hard can it be to write 500 words a day over 31 days? Well, I guess it's pretty hard and I think I'm about to find out as I've just signed up for Jeff Goins “My 500 Words”

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