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In my first blog post, I wrote about emotions; today, I talk about its close sibling, Spirituality. The Spiritual aspect, for me, is just connecting to a higher power through my own honest and gentle heart. It's also about energy, transformation and allowing intuition to guide you. Get the left-brain out of the way for a while!

I originally started writing this blog post over two weeks ago, then realised I had over 5000 words, and it was a bit personal but cathartic, so that's maybe for the book I'm writing. The habit of writing is challenging when there are a lot of emotions and deep inner work going on around it. 

I'm still shaking off the rust of this creative, healthy writing outlet. I have also started up my Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Healing services after a long absence. If you are struggling in any area of your life, do book an appointment, if you use discount code FEB21 you receive 20% off during February, so just £40 for a 90-minute session, or just give me a call.


On the 29th January 2021, I had my first decent mini-hike for a while, up Conic Hill in Balmaha. It was good to feel the power starting to return to my body and a deep connection with all the elements. My friend and I then took a walk back down to the east bank of Loch Lomond and had a little stroll along the beach.

I had been walking every day through Balloch Country Park and mixing that up with a walk to Duck Bay and back. I was rediscovering this magnificent connection to all the elements. The wind gave me a sense of renewed freedom, the rain allowing emotions to flow like water and doubts removed. There was no sun, but the fire in my belly was alive, and the earth was keeping me rooted, grounded and safe.

The more we can get genuinely present with full awareness in nature, the more we feel a connection with something greater than ourselves and that we are never alone through any struggle, always just supported by the wonders of this planet and the elements. 

I did a little video on this here in my local park woods.


When I got back to the car after the hike, I had an email from Lendrick Lodge and signed up for a 1-day online Shamanic “Kickstart Your Shamanic Practice” event there and then. The workshop was just what I needed after I had felt massively overwhelmed lately with a house move, Xmas and just not taking enough care of myself. I had started to feel my strength returning. I'll get onto that overwhelm part in a minute.

I was inspired to share my gifts and talents and help people heal themselves and find more clarity, freedom and fun, through online events 1-2-1 Hypnotherapy and Shamanic play and ceremony.

The butterflies were returning. 

As it turned out, just a few hours later, I realised the 1-day course was not only to learn and re-ignite that passion but for my own personal and immediate healing.

I almost didn't show for that course that morning, but I'm so glad I did, as it helped me continue re-igniting my journeying practice again. I also had started playing my Native American flute, which had lain dormant for over a year, but the drum and rattle were saviours those first few weeks as I was hollowing myself out.

Here are some of the Shamanic journeys that I have done in the last three weeks, they were all intuitive, and I let go of any need for perfection. I also had tremendous support from the beautiful souls from Lendrick Lodge. 

Power Retrieval – I did this myself reasonably early on, but I also had the kind help of a few Shamanic friends to perform power retrievals for me. I needed this boost to do some more in-depth work ahead.

Ancestral Journey – To help heal past ancestral trauma. My dearly departed father was almost straight away by my side, with his resilience and tenderness, leading me to create an altar for my morning meditation and ceremony. Curiously, my Aunt Cis, who passed away last year, was also with him. The message she had wasn't clear until later on.

Dismemberment Journey – I was taught this at Lendrick a few years ago. I highly recommend Sandra Ingerman's book “Medicine for the Earth”. It's especially needed right now in the world to help transform personal and environmental toxins. This particular journey is like a spiritual initiation, a rebirth, and to deepen the connection with all life and remember the truth of who we are, laid bare.

Extraction and Power Retrieval – Very kindly done in a group setting with the beautiful Ruthy McCauley from – she is a fantastic Shamanic Practitioner. Her intuitive card readings, and summary afterwards, hit the nail on the head for me, and I felt more freedom and the power returning that I would need for the journey ahead that I now find myself on. I had a few of those power retrievals from kind souls who were there for me when I needed them.

Inner Child Journey – Two weeks ago, I read many psychology literatures, podcasts and various other books. I was like a sponge. I realised that I needed to do some pretty deep healing for my Inner Child to release trapped trauma from childhood, and more recently, that has popped up again. 

I've done this with Hypnotherapy with clients, and it is very therapeutic and healing but not always easy to do on yourself, but it was the first time I'd used journeying. The advantage journeying gives me is that it allows me to bypass my critical mind (ego, fear etc.), and I don't have to listen to my voice, lol. The experience was such a powerful journey that I did another one the following week. It was also funny that I received Valentine's gift a few days later with a book about healing the Inner Child. 

Spirit always knows what is needed, as do those with whom you have a deep spiritual and emotional connection.

Soul Retrieval for the home – Everything has power and energy, even inanimate objects. Your environment comes alive when you give it Love, and it returns that Love to you. The opposite is also true. I did a Soul Retrieval for each room in my home, then brought in some flowers, arranged to get the windows cleaned next week, and reduced clutter to create more space. Also, add colour, drop the grey and black. Go full Chakra!

I have done my own Soul Retrieval and a few other journeys, but it's also essential to allow time and space between them to integrate and let the intuitive healing to occur.

Shamanism is a gift for me and many others. I'm looking forward to stepping up on my Shamanic practice this year and stop hiding in the shadows.

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

Not strictly a Spiritual practice, but more an acknowledgement of self, dropping feelings of “Not good enough” and finding clarity in the fog through self-compassion and Loving Kindness practices.

As a young child, I was pretty smart and had a vivid imagination. Teachers and peers often called me too sensitive, quiet or shy when I was thinking and feeling deeply, even more so when we moved home when I was ten. For me, this was a traumatic experience for one that felt so profoundly, to lose childhood friends, to try to fit in again at a new school. Going to private secondary school, I was bullied and picked on to such a degree that I had to leave after two years, I'm not sure how I lasted that long. The Fool Child personality came to the fore, humour and laughter almost saving me from more kicks and punches.

Moving to London at 17 from a small Scottish village presented its challenges. I'll spare you the full life story, but learning about this just a few weeks ago has changed my outlook on life and made me realise that meditation, time in nature, and taking space are crucial for everyone, but especially so HSP's. Lockdown has been overwhelming for me, feeling the global pain and suffering and impacting all areas of my life and my health. I forgot my self-care and turned to old coping mechanisms. 

There is a good video below that delves deeply into this. Again, if you feel this resonates, reach out to me. My Aunt Cis was also an HSP, labelled as over-emotional, impossible, the black sheep of the family…but she had a big heart and I believe just felt everything so strongly, and never really recovered from the death of her husband, my Uncle Jack at a fairly young age. She was kind enough to set up a building society account for me when I was younger and put £50 a month in there, which came in really handy after I moved to London. 


I covered this in the Emotions blog post, but there is a lot of crossover between many practices and habits. For example, meditation helps with thoughts and emotions and gives us a greater sense of awareness to trust our intuition. 

“Spiritual” Meditation, for me, starts with setting a powerful intention, asking a question, and just meditating on it very lightly, as if you were holding a feather; insights can and do arise when you connect with spirit. It's very intuitive and works well for me. Awareness is key. I lost that over the last year or so, meditation is a daily medicine, not a panacea and for HSP's it's even more essential. The mind is like a bucket, and it can get filled up very quickly when you have a lot of thoughts and emotions, so it's essential to empty the bucket' through daily practice and other self-care activities while avoiding and transforming habitual patterns of behaviour and addiction. It's not easy and takes a lot of inner soul-searching, but the result is an increased understanding and loving and accepting yourself, on a deeper level.


I'm just finishing a 21-day Self Reiki Healing Cleanse, basically spending a few minutes on each Chakra before sleep and then setting an intention dream. When you experience a wounding, your Chakra's can be incredibly unbalanced. Most of my time was working on the Root Chakra (grounding, survival and security) and the Heart Chakra. I feel much more balanced and aligned after those three weeks.

I'm using this YouTube video with interval bells. I usually start at the Root and work my way up.


I don't think I've even glanced at a bible since I stayed at a Holiday Inn a few years ago, but I happened across the following passage on a blog that I stumbled over purely by accident -: 

1 Cor 13:4-7: “Love (agape) is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy; it does not boast; it is not proud. It is not rude; it is not self-seeking; it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”


I have not practised Yoga since I attended Kundalini Yoga almost a year and a half ago. Still, it can be a Spiritual practice; for me, it's merely letting the breath link with the movement and being kind to yourself. It's also dropping expectations and perfectionism of “doing the post right” – all we can ever do is our best, and that is plenty enough.

Yoga feels more physical for me to get started, so I'll cover that in the next blog post as I adopt the habit of movement and working on the body from next week onwards. This is a very good channel for Pilates, which is also something I need to get back into to get my core stronger, for personal power.


My new BFF's – I have five decks now. You can use them to ask a question about a situation or decision you have to make, and you usually get answers. Sometimes, they are not the answers you would like, so you must get clear on having a powerful intention and no expectations of what will arise. Sometimes the answers and lessons are challenging but know that a greater power is guiding you and tapping into your intuitive knowledge in the process.

Here are my decks -:


Writing can be a spiritual practice, it's also very good for getting rid of blocks and digging deeper into yourself. I've just signed up for DailyOM 1 Year Writing course, with the goal to create a book. I have a few ideas, not quite nailed down yet but I feel a very strong intention to do this.

In the next post, I'll cover the Physical element of ESP, and then I'll talk about how to bring all three together to awaken your intuition, to be fully present and just allow and accept life to flow through the challenges and the joy.