Life can be really hard sometimes. Our minds can make us question what we are doing with our life, our work can feel boring, our family or personal relationship issues can get on top of us, our health struggles can challenge us physically. It can be tough to cope and find space, which can lead to stress and feelings of hopelessness, but you don't need to struggle alone. Book a Hypnotherapy, Coaching or Shamanic Healing session below, it simple starts with a conversation, either via Skype or face-to-face in Glasgow's West End. Cost is just £60 for all services for 90-minutes with full support afterwards. Give me a call if you need further information on 0141 356 3456.


HYPNOTHERAPY – Sometimes we can have an addiction, smoking, food, technology but we can also have addictions of the mind…anxiety, depression, stress etc – often they are connected. These can be eased through Hypnotherapy, usually within a few sessions. Hypnotherapy is simply time for you to relax and for your subconscious to be trained to let go of negative patterns of thought or behaviour. After struggling with stress & anxiety in my earlier years, I found relief through hypnotherapy and so trained through the National Hypnotherapy Society and work with Anxiety UK. I'm here to help. Read more here.

COACHING – it's basically listening, mindfully…and giving you guidance to find the answers that are already within yourself, that perhaps you can't find because of not knowing how or where to start. If you want to lose weight, find a new job or get guidance in your personal life, then this is for you. Often it's about helping you find that passion for living and putting manageable processes in place. I'm a qualified Holistic Lifestyle Coach with the CHEK institute which means we can go through all areas of your life to find solutions. I'm also a Nutritional Therapist and we can work together to find a plan that works for you, is manageable and flexible. We work together to get you moving in the right direction that works for YOU, as well as providing accountability and support. Read more here.

SHAMANISM – Shamanism is one of the most ancient healing arts that has been around for between 30,000 and 100,000 years! It's become transformational in my own personal life as a daily practice. Shamanism awoke an energy and drive that I had not experienced since I was a kid. It lit a fire in my belly  and gave me comfort and connection with nature, as well as a renewed power, energy and zest for life. I am trained in Power & Soul Retrievals and often use Reiki too to help re-energise and balance your body while helping you feel a stronger connection with your true self, others, nature and the universe. Read more here.

MINDFULNESS – I trained to become a Mindfulness teacher, for adults and children. I see a struggle within a lot of kids but also parents…Mindfulness has been a game-changer for me. I love sharing the practices with me and have future workshops and courses planned for families and adults. Mindfulness is about being present, an appreciation for what we have right now, recognising distractions, the pull of mobile technology and accepting discomfort but also embracing joy in our life, and expanding our awareness. To be honest, it can't be summarised in a paragraph so either pop along to a meetup or keep an eye out for future courses and workshops.

We run meetup groups, workshops and free events in and around the Glasgow area. I also can do drop-in's at your company, talks or workshops for your employees – just drop me a message via the Contact form.

Our next event is listed on the right.

Sunlight Mind Facebook Page – I share resources, articles, challenges and answer any questions you may have

Glasgow Mindfulness Meetup Group – We meet regularly to practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga, walking etc.

Glasgow Shamanism Journeying Group – Have your own Shamanism journeys for guidance, healing and fun adventures!

Live Your Legend Meetup – Social meetups to help support each other in finding more passion in our life and work

I'm a Lifestyle Coach – that means that if you are struggling with weight, dietary or lifestyle issues…I can help you using health & lifestyle coaching. If you are feeling stressed, burned out or challenged with depression or anxiety…we can try some hypnotherapy or healing sessions. I am also a Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner which can really help you recover from trauma, divorce, emotional pain, life problems, chronic fatigue, illness, regain that power and vitality if you just feel a bit drained.

Just know this, there is nothing to ‘fix' here, despite what some coaches may tell you…there is no perfect figure, there is no state of mind that is ‘ideal'…you are fine, we all have our struggles, you are not alone and sometimes all we need is to talk, connect with others and be guided to find the answers that are likely already within ourselves. That's my job to help you with, all you have to do is take that first step.

Please get in touch if you have any questions abut anything or are struggling with any part of your health or wellbeing. I'll endeavour to help you in any way that I can either online via Skype or face-to-face in Glasgow.

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