Mindfulness For Life 4-Week Course

Join me in November at the Movement Studio for a brand new “Mindfulness for Life” Introduction course. Mindfulness can produce many benefits, from reducing stress and improving quality of life, to accessing clearer states of mind and positive emotions such as love and compassion and to develop confidence and resilience in dealing efficiently with life’s challenges. You will receive a structured introduction to Mindfulness, posture, setting up a practice, balancing effort and relaxation along with techniques, MP3 recordings, handouts and private Whatsapp and Facebook groups for any help or questions.
Course Summary

Mindfulness for Life – 4 Week Introduction Course starts every Tuesday (6.30pm-7.30pm) from 22nd November or every Sunday (10am-11am) from 27th November. It would be ideal to book in for all 4-weeks and you have a choice of attending on either Tuesday or Sunday each week but spaces are limited so book ahead for all 4 weeks to avoid disappointment. Classes are £10 each and you can book online here.

Week 1 – Relaxing The Body (Getting back in touch using the Body Scan)
Week 2 – Calming The Mind (Mindfulness of Thoughts)
Week 3 – Soothing Your Emotions (Managing your feelings differently)
Week 4 – Discovering Yourself (Understanding Your True Nature)

The course is suitable for beginners and those with more experience in meditation and you can read the full 4-week course content here

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of training the mind to be present. It is a secular meditative practice, which involves paying attention to what is happening as it happens, and doing so with an attitude of kindness, acceptance, and non-judgment. As such, cultivating mindfulness results in greater self-awareness, and enables us to become more joyful, more empathic, and more resilient. We can learn to respond with greater wisdom and flexibility to difficult emotions and experiences, and learn to live with greater happiness and vitality.

You can book online here to secure your space.