The great thing about taking on board plenty of mini-experiments is that it becomes clear pretty quickly what you like and what doesn't drive you quite as much, so it allows for more drilled-down focus in your life. For example this month I went with a 30-day squat challenge but only managed 15 of them mainly due to flu, recovering glutes through Yoga and Pilates and just sheer boredom of the squat exercise itself. I had another few online challenges that fell by the wayside but completed the Fizzle Roadmap quite quickly as well as the How Dare You online program and made good progress on a new online venture with the Blog Marketing Academy.


Anamaya Resort - Costa Rica

Anamaya Resort – Costa Rica

These 30-day squat, abs etc ‘challenges' are great if you don't have anything going on exercise-wise but the realisation is that it's best to find one thing that you really love, which works well and then just stick with it on a regular basis, unless you simply want a Beyonce Butt! I managed around 25 hours of Yoga this month which is pretty much spot on for my monthly target with the bonus that it works the entire body and helps the mind tremendously as well. I am also very fortunate to have such wonderful and inspiring teachers and am slowly narrowing down my plethora of classes and studios to those that resonate with me. My goal is to get 200 hours under my belt by October and then go abroad for a month-long yoga retreat and rack up another 200 hours in one fell swoop. It's a toss-up between the Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica which looks just divine or the Mystical Yoga farm in Guatemala which also has a certain allure. They will both be really challenging so I need to practice every day, but it's nice to have a long-term goal in mind when following a daily pursuit you are passionate about. The last month or so I have realised that I want to live and breathe yoga as much as possible.


Eat, Move & Be Healthy

Eat, Move & Be Healthy

I tried a juice challenge which lasted for a week but I really didn't like it, I had less energy in yoga class and it was not fun feeling hungry a lot of the time. I realise that it's best to just find a healthy, balanced diet that works rather than these fads where there may just be a short-term result. I'm going on a Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course via the C.H.E.K Institute in April and part of the reading material is Eat, Move and Be Healthy so that will be my bible for the next few months. In terms of reading material I have also just purchased a book on Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy as I'd love to delve deeper into this area of self-care and the subject holds a great degree of fascination with me. I am sure I will still read some of my many self-help books on my ‘to read' list but these two will be with me constantly over the next few months as I deep-dive into them both. Some of my friends say that Vegetarianism is not far off but I'm not convinced, I love my fish and occasional meat dish, so we shall see!


StopSmoking2The case studies are beginning! We have covered Quitting Smoking, Weight Loss and Regression therapy in the last few months and I've been recording a few MP3's, putting together some scripts and having regular practice sessions. I must admit I am finding the whole subject fascinating about how we can just access the subconscious and help people get rid of the bad habits they no longer want and forming new habits that they want to develop. The mind really is quite amazing and there is a real, genuine satisfaction in helping people find lasting change for the better in their lives. I am going to be using a lot of self-hypnosis techniques on myself over the next few months related to study, focus and concentration as we have just 3 months left of our year-long Hypnotherapy course remaining. I don't enjoy the essays and journaling quite as much as the practical application, but there is not long to go now so I'll plod on through that and look forward to being officially certified as a Hypnotherapist via the National Hypnotherapy Society.


lifewithfullI have recently started an online MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) diploma course with the Centre Of Excellence and the approach marries very well with Hypnotherapy relaxation techniques. However, it's online-based and so I have also signed up for an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course with the Glasgow Mindfulness Centre for the next 8 Monday evenings, so I am really looking forward to that as the last 6 week course I did at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre was an amazing experience. I feel these courses fit very well with the holistic lifestyle I am trying to adopt and I'll be reading Life With Full Attention again which is a superb book on Mindfulness.


highres_147421062I was honoured to become an official local rep in Glasgow for Live Your Legend and we have our very first Official Meetup Group on Sunday the 6th March which I am really excited about. I am continuing at apace through the Live Off Your Passion course and I am just loving the content. It's quite tough though when your passion is NOT spending hours in front of a computer screen any more, so I do feel a bit of a hypocrite at the moment. However, I see this as a learning curve and slow transition into a more passionate, rewarding and Holistic career and lifestyle – we shall see how long it takes before an impasse is reached, but I sense it's perhaps not too far off. Live Your Legend is a remarkable movement of individuals with groups literally across the globe, all striving to find passionate work that resonates with them and helping others to do the same. The support, encouragement and sheer will and passion of the people I have spoken to within Live Your Legend is so refreshing and utterly inspirational. I hope to help pass some of that onto the people attending our first meetup next weekend.


productI am using Trello and Evernote to help track all of these various activities and really need to find a decent calendar app. I had been using Google Calendar but now am using a more user-friendly app called Sunrise which hooks into it nicely, but I'm thinking about switching my email to Outlook and using that instead. I am also going to use an App in March to track my Productivity called Productivity Challenge Timer. It's based on the Pomodoro technique where you work in 25 minute bursts, it should work quite well with Trello to keep me on track.

So, I feel like I still have a hell of a lot going on but it's much more focused now I believe. I have not maintained my Spanish Dualingo training at all this month so will kick that off again in March if I can get back into that routine but am excited to see what March brings.

The early part of this year is all about learning and testing. The second half of the year will still be about these as I think they are vital, but there will be far more building and implementation and that is when the real work will begin!

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